Celebrating children and young people

  • Raise community awareness of the needs, rights and achievements of children and youth

  • Encourage the community, children's services, support groups, schools, youth and community groups to plan and conduct events to celebrate childhood and to highlight issues involved in childhood and youth

  • Honour parents and recognise the contribution of carers, workers and teachers in children's development

  • Assist individuals, groups and organisations to organise local activities and events that support and involve children and their families, through the provision of small seeding Grants

  • Encourage the participation of both adults and children in activities and events to celebrate Children's Week

  • Provide opportunities for groups, organisations and schools to 'open their doors' to give the community an opportunity to see what children are doing and what they are doing for children

  • Help promote the work that people are doing to support children and youth in our community

  • Recognise the contribution of carers, workers, groups and organisations who contribute to the well being of children and young people through the presentation of Awards

  • Recognise young people who are an example and role model for other young people through the presentation of Awards